We at Junto value togetherness in the face of disparity. We value the way coffee can bind folks with vastly different origins and creeds. We’re driven to create space for shared experiences and common purpose. We’re determined to bring people together over great coffee.


Opening its doors at the historic Southern Bleachery, also known as the Taylors Mill, February of 2019, Junto Coffee is led by a talented group of customer-oriented baristas. This group balances a complex, seasonally-varying menu along with their commitment to consistency through the turbulence of a growing customer-base.


Junto is the dreamchild of Alex Medina, who cut his teeth in coffee over a dozen years ago at Greenville’s specialty coffee legend, Coffee and Crema. Years of hard work - bar shifts, educating and training, competing, and building community - Alex went on to work for the green coffee importers, Ally Coffee. This position gave him a wide perspective of the coffee market at large through origin trips, conferences, classes, and conversation. Alex is a well rounded coffee person, and is certified by the SCA as a Lvl 2 Barista, Lvl 1 Roaster, Golden Cup Technician, and a Specialized Instructor. Aside from coffee, Alex is into anything and everything tech and is on a lifelong search for the perfect ramen.


Joining Alex at Junto, as a founder, is Connor Fagan - Head Roaster, wholesale guy, and all-around wild card. Connor’s got years of barista and production roasting experience under his belt. He has built on that experience with hours of study in the SCA courses, Roaster Lvl 1 and 2. He’s into all the 90’s indie or emo music you’ve probably never heard of, and just spent a year working and traveling in Austria.