Panama Dos Ruedas Gesha

Panama Dos Ruedas Gesha

20.00 25.00

Guava • Candied Cherry • Black Tea

Region – Boquete

Process – Natural

Varietal – Gesha

Producer – J Alexis Batista

5 years ago Alexis started working with his cousin improving the coffee they produced and importing it to the US. They were very fortunate to have land in Panama that has produced some of the best coffee in the world. Always striving for a better cup, his goal is to produce a coffee that expresses the unique terroir that affects his side of the mountain in Boquete.

The farming and fermentation techniques Alexis learned from his 14yrs in the wine business, has resulted in some truly beautiful and unique coffees. A complex coffee that any customer can appreciate and enjoy.

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Please note that this coffee is roasted in much smaller batches and will be a few days for turnaround.